Striker Finland Ltd.

Distributing life.

About Us.

We do great things in the greatest possible way. We just happen to be in distribution.

Why we do this.

Our passion is to see life change better in every aspect. We love happiness. Happiness comes from little things, small parts of processes that work effortlessly.

How we do it.

Our mission is to do great things in the greatest possible way. We just happen to be in distribution.

What we do.

We are an ambitious family run business, dedicated to serve our partners with trust and great attitude. We currently have a tight distribution network in Fennoscandia, Scandinavia and the Baltics. We always keep our eyes open for the latest trends and changes in markets. That way we can provide our partners with the latest insights in our operating region. We help our foreign friends to distribute their fantastic products in Scandinavia and the Baltics as well as our domestic partners with sourcing great products and services. In other words, we are the middle-man with a big heart, yet a small fee. We strive for results.

Our Businesses

Some of the Awesome Businesses we currently operate.


Born out of pure necessity. Best solution for people to quit bad habits. Regional number one.

Stanley Hard

First place for male grooming products. Regional number one.


One stop shop for eBike conversion service. Regional number one.

Our Values


What we base our business on. No reason to be anything, unless you’re trustworthy.

Positive Attitude

We hate working with negative-minded people, so we do business with a positive attitude.


Our main value is trustworthiness, and because of that, our operation is fully transparent to our partners.

Flexibility And Versatility

Just like a drop of water, we are flexible and versatile to meet our partners needs.

Result Driven Business

In order to be a great partner, our main goal is to achieve results.

Carefree world

"Imagine freedom that can not be matched"


Feedback we have received

Some of our partners love us & so do we!

Mr. Sundelin is a great young man to be working with!

Jane Wu Talmolding Plastic Engineering, Shenzen

I instantly fell in love with their work ethics and way of doing business!

Marika Snellman Customer

The CEO himself called just to say hello and ask for my opinions on different shipping options. Excellent service!

Hannu Ilonen Customer

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